The Benefits of Braces for Adults

There are many adults who have teeth misalignments, such as gaps, crowdedness, crookedness or other issues. However, for a variety or reasons, they may not have had these corrected as children. It may have not been possible financially, or the misalignment may have been minor and not been considered an issue. Many patients like this reach adulthood, and start to have concerns about their misalignment, but feel like they have to put up with it now that they are adults. They feel that braces are only for children or teens.

That’s a misconception; it’s never too late to have an orthodontist help you achieve straight teeth, and there are many benefits in doing so. The treatment time for adult braces will be a bit longer on average, though, as the teeth are more set, and need a longer period of constant pressure to shift them.

Benefits of Braces for Adults


Discreet Options Are Available

If you are interested in wearing braces as an adult to correct your teeth misalignment, but are avoiding them because you are embarrassed to wear metal braces or don’t like the look of them, there are discreet options.

Most people are aware of invisible braces or clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces with metal brackets. However, even if you are not a good candidate for these, such as if you have severe misalignment or malocclusion, there are other discreet options. Lingual braces are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth, so they make an excellent option for braces for adults. Ceramic braces are tooth coloured or clear, and are another good option.

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Why Should You Consider Wearing Dental Braces as an Adult?

Straighter teeth will help you eat more easily and chew properly. It also helps with improved speech, and can correct certain speech problems like lisps. There are many other benefits of braces, too; the reasons apply just as much to adults as they do to children.

Oral Health

Crooked and poorly spaced teeth create higher risks of dental decay, gum disease, and other oral health concerns.

Correct Your Bite

Adult braces will help you improve your bite. Improper spacing and crookedness negatively impacts your bite, or how your teeth fit together, which can cause teeth grinding and clenching. This damages and wears away teeth unevenly. The jaw and gums are also impacted. Your jaw may need to work unnaturally to compensate, which can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and TMJ.

These types of issues tend to get worse over time, so although this may not have bothered you when you were younger, as an adult, if you are experiencing jaw pain or chronic headaches, adult braces could be a solution.

Reduce Risks of Dental Problems

Crowded and misaligned teeth are much harder to clean, and because teeth can wear on each other and damage them, you have increased risks of cavities from plaque and worn-away tooth enamel. It is easier to maintain healthy teeth if they are correctly positioned.

The trapped bacteria, infection, and decay can spread, causing gum disease, and even spread into the jaw bone and further. Losing teeth because of tooth decay and infection weakening the bone is also more likely.

Reduced Risks of Tooth Trauma

Another good reason to wear braces is that protruding or angled teeth are more likely to get chipped, broken, or knocked out. However, with orthodontic treatment, these teeth are straightened so they are not so vulnerable.

Reduced Risks of Bone Loss

Orthodontic dental care can even help prevent bone loss, which leads to tooth loss and a sunken jaw and face, where the jaw bone starts to lose its shape.

Tooth roots promote bone growth as the pressures of biting and chewing stimulate the bone. With a correct bite and no tooth loss, this stimulation happens throughout bone growth. With spacing issues or crooked teeth, the jaw bone may not be stimulated, and bone density may start to drop.This means teeth can become loose and fall out, leading to less bone stimulation and more loss of bone mass.

Manage Existing Gum Disease and Other Oral Health Conditions

If you already are starting to have concerns like gum disease, you can still benefit from having straight teeth, as it will make your condition easier to manage.

Cost Effective

If you already are starting to have concerns like gum disease, you can still benefit from having straight teeth, as it will make your condition easier to manage.

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Considering Adult Braces?

If you have started to notice any dental issues from poor spacing or alignment, Dentistry on Wellington offers orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, for patients of all ages. Just because you are grown up doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the benefits of straight teeth.


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