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At Dentistry on Wellington, our modern facility is fully equipped to handle all aspects of creating customized full or partial dentures so you can have the smile of your dreams. While we’re dedicated to ensuring that we help you reach your oral health goals, we’re also dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care around. From your first initial consultation appointment, diagnostics and planning to your complete denture care treatment, we’re here for you every step of the way. We know that having weak, sensitive, or gapped teeth can make one lose their confidence and even cause digestion issues. That’s why we’re here.
We’re a passionate dental community that comes together to form an unstoppable, personalized denture treatment plan for our patients. Let’s work together to regain control of your smile and your confidence. You deserve it.

Why Choose Us?

Located on Wellington Street East in the heart of Toronto (and just a minute walk away from the infamous St. Lawrence Market), our dental office has redefined dentistry. We’ve taken general dentistry and cosmetic solutions, like complete dentures, to a whole new level. Why? Because our patients are the core of our business and we care about their health and wellbeing. Healthy teeth are a way of life and our team goes above and beyond to ensure every measure is taken to enhance your oral health. With a team specializing in a wide variety of dental care needs, you can rest assured knowing any of your specific dental care needs will be well taken care of.

Are you anxious, stressed, or have a severe fear of the dentist? You’re not alone. Dentophobia is a very common phobia in children and adults alike. But don’t worry, we don’t take it personally! We understand that strange and loud drilling sounds and other weird tools can freak people out. And yes, sometimes the scents are rather weird too!

Dental phobia is when people are extremely wary about feeling pain, seeing or feeling needles, worried about the numbing process, and overall afraid of the smell and sounds, particularly drills. This fear could easily be a result of a previous experience that wasn’t very nice or by someone who has very sensitive teeth. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help and make you as comfortable as possible during your visit.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered through a breathing mask. It doesn’t put you to sleep, but rather relaxes you throughout your visit. It takes effect in a few minutes and some patients feel as though their arms and legs are heavy as they sink back into the chair and let their stress melt away. You’ll still be able to talk and answer questions during your dental procedure.

Once your appointment is over, the mask will be removed and you’ll feel back to normal in no time and be able to drive home safely.

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The reason it’s also referred to as laughing gas is that it reacts with the cell receptors in your brain that affect how you feel. Therefore, it can make you feel happy, carefree, and sometimes giddy.

Is Sedation Safe For Kids?

Yes, it is, in fact, safe for children. They’ll be affected the same way as adults and feel comfortable, calm and relaxed in no time. Being administered laughing gas can often make children feel a bit scared, so it’s best if the parent is in the same room to comfort them so they’re not just focused on a mask being put on their face! We also encourage parents to bring their child’s favourite toy for them to hold, like a teddy bear or doll. (And to be honest, we love toys just as much as kids do). The levels of sedation they receive will differ. In order to administer a safe dosage, their age and weight will come into play.
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Conscious Sedation Is Proven To Be Affective

Red-haired patient under conscious sedation
Sedation is offered by many Toronto dentistry offices now, as well as all across Canada. It can drastically help improve anxiety and relax patients undergoing many procedures. Patients with sensitive teeth or bad gag reflex will also appreciate sedation as they’re visiting the dentist, seeing as the level of discomfort they feel will be very minimal. It can be used with a variety of dental care procedures such as receiving a crown, bridge, or veneer, tooth extraction, but also just for your general cleaning appointment. It’s completely up to each patient when they’d prefer sedation. Your oral health is important to us, but so is your overall comfort and wellbeing.
The reason it’s also referred to as laughing gas is that it reacts with the cell receptors in your brain that affect how you feel. Therefore, it can make you feel happy, carefree, and sometimes giddy.

Are There Sedation Side Effects?

Just like with any medicine or sedative, there are potential side effects associated with laughing gas, but it’s fairly uncommon. Side effects could occur as a result of inhaling too much gas or inhaling it too quickly. Short-term side effects could include things like:
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A Toronto Dental Practice You Can Trust

When it comes to your oral health, your needs are our top priority. We take a personalized approach so you can receive the highest quality of care possible and be 100% satisfied with your smile again. We get it – missing teeth can make you lose your confidence, but that’s why we’re here. Our dedicated and professional team here at our Dentistry On Wellington office understands the need and want for a healthier and happier smile, so we go above and beyond to ensure that’s exactly what you get. Our in-house dental prosthetist will clearly explain every step of the denture process for you so you’re provided with all the necessary information on whether or not full or partial dentures are for you. They look and feel completely natural and fit over your gums comfortably on both your upper or lower jaw for an improved appearance, enhanced bite, and a healthy facial structure.

Should I Prepare Myself Before Being Given Dental Sedation?

You can eat and drink up to two hours before your procedure as anything after that may cause a bit of nausea. Meals should also be kept light, like toast, soap, or water. Once you’re off the sedation and return home, you’re welcome to eat when you feel like it!

Does Nitrous Oxide Smell?

Though it is colourless, it is often described as having a slightly sweet odour.

We know that having a fear of the dentist is quite common, and we promise our feelings aren’t hurt. With drills and weird smells, it can make any patient feel uncomfortable. Sedation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety without being put to sleep during most dental procedures. Even if you’d like it administered during your general cleaning, we’d be happy to do so. And yes, sedation is even safe for children who are anxious too! But if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to call our amazing and helpful staff over the phone at 416-865-9494.