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Custom & Removable Teeth Straightening Treatment

Your smile is important for both your self-confidence and your oral health. Crooked teeth or a poor bite can cause overcrowding issues and increase your risks of chipping your teeth, developing TMJ disorder, gum problems/gum disease, and even impact your speech. This is why the Dentistry On Wellington team is proud to offer Invisalign treatment for straightening teeth by our Certified Orthodontist. Say goodbye to metal brackets and wires. Custom-made aligners are virtually invisible, removable, easy-to-clean, and comfortable.

What Is Invisalign Technology?

Invisalign is a form of braces that uses clear aligner trays made out of SmartTrack material to properly align your teeth into the desired position. The custom-fitted plastic aligners are made from digital ITero impressions of the patient’s teeth. This ensures that each aligner is comfortable and virtually invisible. Aligners are then are placed over the top of teeth to apply constant pressure to and treat shifting or crooked teeth, therefore, they work in the same way as traditional braces. Typically, a patient will only take their aligners off when they are brushing their teeth and eating to ensure that they remain on their teeth for the recommended 20-22 hours a day. Eating with them in your mouth can scratch and deform them.
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Are You Ready To Achieve A Healthy, Beautiful Smile With?

For far too long, adult patients have shied away from traditional metal braces with concerns of how uncomfortable and visually displeasing they are. This has left many patients without the proper care they need. Fortunately, Invisalign treatment has made it easy to straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly, even for working adults. They’re a highly effective form of orthodontic treatment that won’t disturb your regular diet or daily life. But they don’t just assist in straightening cases. They can also help align your jaw.

Are You A Good Candidate For Invisalign In Toronto?

If you’re not interested in metal braces, our dentist can discuss if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign clear aligners with you in our office today. We also happily accept new patients! Our office is easily accessible from the St. Lawrence Market, Financial District, and Distillery District neighbourhoods. We’ll conduct x-rays and discuss your smile goals during your appointment. We want to work with you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that you can feel proud of for many years to come.

Your Custom Invisalign Treatment Plan In Toronto Awaits

Once you have decided that you would like to move forward with Invisalign treatment, one of your dental staff will schedule a complete exam to begin the process. We will use our iTero scanner to capture high-resolution scans of your teeth and gums. This technology helps us determine the best treatment for you. After scans are completed, a dentist will make impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to create your custom Invisalign aligners. The process is gentle, fast, and will ensure that your smile will look beautiful at the end of treatment.

Every visit is completed with a consultation with our Certified Orthodontist. Our dental staff takes the time to work with each of our patients to discuss their needs and plan their treatments. This ensures that each patient is comfortable with and understands their treatment plan.

Why You Should Choose Invisalign Aligners

Many dentists recommend Invisalign treatment to their patients due to its many benefits. Besides its ability to fix crooked teeth discreetly, it’s the preferred method of treatment because it’s

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