How Can We Help?

Absolutely! Children will usually have their first dental visit at around age 3. For complicated treatment we work in conjunction with some of the best paediatric dentists all over Toronto. Our aim is to make our youngest patient’s appointments as comfortable as possible.
All of our doctors will take as much time as it takes to explain all treatment options clearly and thoroughly to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable. You will never be rushed through any treatment. Our assistant Teresa is always available for support. Still a bit nervous? We also offer nitrous oxide sedation for any and all procedures.

Barring unusual situations, root canals on the front teeth and teeth before the molars can be done in the office. Molars often require a microscope to complete effectively and in these cases we will refer you to some of the best endodontists (root canal specialist) in the city.

Mostly all extractions (simple and complicated) can be done in the office. Complicated wisdom tooth extractions and cases involving medically compromised patients will be referred to an oral surgeon to ensure patient safety. General anesthesia is not done in office.

All of our fees are determined by the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide. We never bill above and beyond the recommended fee guide prices.
Absolutely! Our lovely Office Manager would love to hear from you an is available to answer any questions you may have.
Yes! We are proud to offer digital radiography, which offers less exposure to radiation, the ability to view the image instantly, higher diagnostic accuracy and the ability to offer more efficient treatment.
An intra-oral camera allows us to show you what you can’t see! Do you ever wonder what a cavity looks like – well, we can take camera pictures inside your mouth before, during and after treatment so you fully understand what is being done and why it’s needed.
Yes!!! We are always looking for new smiles!
Yes, we are open 9-7 Mon-Wed and we are now starting to introduce select Saturdays! Call and ask Laura more about this!!

Not sure when it’s time for your next check-up appointment?

We’ll call you when you’re due for your next appointment in order to help you maintain your optimal oral health. General check-ups include an examination, cleaning services (scaling, flossing, polishing, etc.) and update any x-rays if need be. But our dental care doesn’t just stop there.