Do yellow, stained teeth make you too self-conscious to smile? It’s time to stop living in fear and smile confidently. You can take back control of your oral health and have whiter teeth with the help of whitening treatment and new lifestyle habits. In this blog, we explain how you can achieve a brighter smile. We also explain what causes yellow teeth, so you know exactly what to avoid
Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Whiter teeth can make you feel more confident and therefore more likely to smile. But, achieving noticeably whiter teeth can be difficult. A lot of everyday food and drink stains teeth, permeating tooth enamel and discolouring teeth deep beyond the surface stains. In order to reverse yellowing and brighten teeth, you need powerful tooth whitening products. We touch on the best teeth whitening
Sedation dentistry is designed to help patients with dental anxiety or invasive dental procedures feel calm and comfortable during their dental appointments. The level of sedation varies from minimal to moderate, depending on the sedation chosen. We discuss the types of sedation methods used, and their benefits, below. Make Dental Procedures More Comfortable For some people, the idea of having dental work done can fill them with anxiety and
Not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy teeth all of their lives. Sometimes, a permanent tooth can become fractured, decayed, or infected from lack of dental care, a sports accident, or another mishap. Whatever the reason, teeth sometimes need to undergo restoration, often involving implant crowns.What are implant crowns? Many people have heard of implants and crowns but never implant crowns. We will explain what both implants and
There are various dental habits that many people may not even realize they have. But unfortunately, by not noticing these habits, they can eventually lead to dental health issues. This is why it’s important to visit the dentist regularly so they can determine the best ways for you to maintain good dental health and break your specific dental habits such as biting your nails, not brushing your teeth twice
If you have missing teeth, there are many tooth replacement options out there for you. Having missing teeth can not only impact your self-confidence, but it can also negatively impact the rest of your oral health and cause more issues in the long run. One popular permanent solution to replace missing teeth is dental implants. They don’t just replace the physical tooth, but also the tooth’s root as it’s
You may have heard the words “dental crowns” being thrown around at your dental office, but you probably have a lot of questions as to what they’re for, how they’re made, and how long they last. Or, perhaps you just received your new crown and are wondering how to look after it properly and when you’ll need to have a touchup. Regardless, there is a lot to learn about
Are you scheduled to have dental implant surgery and are nervous about the procedure? It’s always natural to feel nervous before any dental surgery, but when it comes to the dental implant process, you can rest assured knowing that they have a success rate of 98%. Implant failure is very avoidable with proper care, but we’ll go over everything you need to know about dental implant surgery below to
If you’re scheduled to receive dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you likely have a lot of questions about what the recovery process will look like and what the success rate is. You can rest assured knowing that the success rate of dental implants is 98%. They are very common and widely used in restorative dentistry to promote a strong jawbone, prevent shifting teeth from gaps, improve biting
Invisalign treatment is a fabulous (and nearly invisible) way for teens and adults alike to straighten their teeth and beautify their smiles. And another perk? Invisalign aligners, also referred to as retainers or trays, are super easy to clean and maintain. If you need to clean your aligners, follow these steps for flawless cleaning tips. Why You Need To Clean Invisalign Trays We typically suggest cleaning Invisalign aligners twice